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7 Ways to Save Money on Electrician’s Tools

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There are several key factors to consider when choosing electricians tools on a tight budget. With the availability of numerous tool options spanning across a whole range of prices, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which one will provide you with the best performance and give you the best value for your money.

The most cost-effective tools are those that will provide you with years of use. This means that they should never compromise on quality. We consulted with industry insiders for some tips on smarter shopping. Here’s some essential advice to consider before you head to the hardware store or start shopping for your toolkit equipment online.

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    Buy Combo Kits

    Package deals are one of the best ways to make huge savings. You’ll be able to save a significant portion of the money that would be required to purchase each tool individually. Some combo kits may include items that you don’t necessarily want or need, in order to increase the number of items in each box. For the best prices, you should look for ready-made kits that only include the essentials.

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    Stick with a Brand

    Once you’ve chosen your preferred manufacturer, it’s easier and cheaper to purchase multiple products from the same brand. This method will be extremely beneficial if you’re looking for cordless power tools because you’ll only need to purchase a single battery and charger, which is less expensive than buying a battery and charger for each item. You’ll make substantial savings and you’ll have more space inside your toolkit too!

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    Use Loyalty Programs

    Another benefit of continually buying from a brand is that some manufacturers have loyalty programs to reward those who continually buy from them. As well as benefitting from special offers and exclusive promotions, you’ll be able to earn points whether you buy your tools online or in-store. Many shops allow buyers to provide proof of their sale via an app, which can then be used to redeem points to put towards more branded merchandise.

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    Shop at the Right Time of Year

    Tools are on sale at specific points in the year such as Boxing Day and run up to Father’s Day. Holiday discounts from October onwards could secure you discounts of up to 60%. You’ll find the biggest discounts usually on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you don’t need a tool right away, then it’s wise to plan ahead to buy it later on for a fraction of the price.

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    Be Honest With Yourself About What You Need

    It may seem enticing, but you should avoid paying extra for tools with high-tech features you’ll never use. If you’re purchasing tools for DIY purposes or a one-off job, then you should realise that you’re realistically only going to be using them a few times a year at most. It’s only worth the extra expense if you’re going to be using the tools on a more regular basis.

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    Go for Quality

    While it’s not always necessary to purchase pro tools, you may also regret purchasing the lowest priced models which can compromise on performance. A low-priced version of even a brand-name tool can be devoid of vital features and you’ll notice a difference in its durability.

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    Check Online for Special Deals

    There are certain discounts that are only available online rather than in-store. With online wholesalers, you’ll have access to a wider range of items, which regular stores just don’t have the space for. Online retailers offer special promotions and competitive prices with the same warranties as you’d get in-store.

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