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New Logo Announcement

TNRlogo21Web TNR

We are proud to announce the launch of the new T.N. Robinson logo and branding.

The previous logo has been with us for over 20 years and has seen us through so much growth. In that time we’ve added new branches, launched our website and social media platforms, embraced new products and technology and introduced same day delivery. The way we do business has evolved, and the way our customers work has changed too. So it felt like the right time to take a closer look at our logo and give it a much-needed refresh.

Reasons for change

Change is inevitable and something to be embraced, but we didn’t want to change the logo just for the sake of it. The new design would have to be dynamic, simple and modern and show that we are forward thinking, while also containing the tradition and spirit of our previous logos. The new logo needed to be more visible from a distance, yet also work well in small sizes such as mobile phone screens. So after a few months of ideas, sketches, design and development we have chosen a logo that we feel meets the above criteria.

TNRlogoHistory 1 TNR

The finer details

We wanted to keep with a similar colour scheme. It’s well known that blue and white logos evoke feelings of professionalism, trust and loyalty, and these things are very important to us. The dark blue (Pantone 2746C) is the same colour that has been used in the last 2 logos, the yellow (Pantone Yellow C) is also from a previous logo and provides a better contrast to the blue than the orange does. We have retained the strong, traditional sans serif look of the T.N. Robinson font and simplified ‘Wholesale Electrical Distributors’ to a less complicated ‘Electrical Wholesalers’. Stripes have been an important feature in the past and we have used them to emphasise our established date (just 2 years until we turn 100)! We hope you agree that the new logo is cleaner, modern and more visible, and should work better in more places.


NewVan TNR


Over the next few days, weeks and months, you’ll see the new logo rolled out on the website, marketing material, on social media and eventually onto vans and branch signs. Changing a logo is a process that can involve many steps and it’ll take some time, so we will be phasing it in gradually. If you have used our former logo in any of your marketing materials, please assist us in updating them. We appreciate your kind support.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.





TNR Partners up with Curzon Ashton!

TNRCurzonPitch TNR

We are delighted to announce that T.N. Robinson has entered into an exciting partnership with National League North team, Curzon Ashton Football Club to become their Official Match Day Partners!

Fans of ‘The Nash’ will become familiar with a TNR presence around the ground, on the community 3G, in the match day programme and even in the club bar!


Curzon Ashton play at The Tameside Stadium on Richmond Street in Ashton-under-Lyne, which is only 2.7 miles away from our Westbury Street Trade Counter.

TNR Ashton Branch Manager, Mark Johnson (pictured above, right) said “We are excited to partner with Curzon Ashton, they are an ambitious and friendly club who do great work within the community. We share similar values in supporting local businesses and we look forward to an exciting season working together. I’ll be down watching as many games as I can, cheering the team on with my family.”

TNRCurzonStand TNR

Perfect Partners

Curzon Ashton Director, Paul McHugh said “T.N. Robinson and Curzon have formed a great partnership for the coming years. Mark and the team at T.N. Robinson are the perfect partner for our ambitious club. Community business, supporting community club – brilliant! There is so much positivity surrounding our club at the minute and this partnership speaks volumes! I’d like to say a massive thank you from us all at Curzon.”


We’d like to wish Curzon the best of luck for this season. Up the Nash!


Click here to visit Curzon Ashton’s website



Business as Usual at TNR Stockport

StockportInterchange TNR

It may look a little hectic outside our Stockport Branch, but rest assured we will be open for business as usual while the new transport interchange is being built.

The multi-million pound Stockport interchange will provide improved facilities for bus users. It will also see the delivery of easier and improved routes into the town centre and to the railway station, as well as improved accessibility between the interchange and the A6. It is hoped the public park above will be used as a space for events, festivals and community gardening. Around 200 new apartments with cafes and shops on the ground floor are also included in the proposals as part of a 180ft tall building. A new pedestrian and cycle bridge will span from the interchange to Stockport Railway Station.


We’ve been here at Daw Bank since 1923 when the passing traffic was horse-drawn!

DawBank1947 TNR

Base of viaduct, Daw Bank – 1947


We built the current premises in 1951


T.N. Robinson Stockport – 1963


We were here in 1979 when they started building the current bus station!

StockportBusStation1979 TNR

Work begins on Stockport Bus Terminal – 1979


We’ll be open for business as usual while the new interchange is being built

StockportInterchange TNR

Interchange plans with our Stockport Branch on the top right


New one way system

During construction of the main interchange, Daw Bank will be reduced to a single carriageway with traffic permitted into the town centre. Swaine Street will be closed after the entrance to our car park and we are operating a new one way system, please enter from Swaine Street and exit onto Viaduct Street.

ONEwayonly TNR


Transport for Greater Manchester


Making your home smarter

ClickSmartPlusweb TNR

ClickSmartPlus TNRSimplify and streamline your home life via the use of integrated technology! Scolmore’s elite range utilises Zigbee technology and WiFi to offer smart home solutions to new and existing wiring installations.

Discover a whole range to meet all your household needs. From smart sockets, cameras, sensors and receivers, all working together to make your home smarter. The installation is simple and flexible, no additional cables or wall cutting is needed making it ideal for installation within existing or newly constructed buildings.


Smart Gateway Hub


The Smart Hub is the control centre of all devices within a smart home. It communicates with all other smart devices within the home via the Zigbee Protocol. Even if the homes WiFi is unstable or interrupted smart devices will still be able to function normally.

• Supplied with plug in adapter, USB cable and ethernet cable
• Wireless Zigbee smart control


Smart Switched Sockets


With the 13A smart socket you can plug in home appliances like lamps, TVs, heaters, fans etc. Simply turn them on or off with your voice, smart device with the Click Smart+ App or with an automation, timer or schedule.

• Control manually, via the app or voice control
• Sockets can be locked On or Off using the app


Smart Plug-in WiFi Socket


With the smart plug, you can plug in home appliances like toasters, electric kettles, lamps etc. Simply turn them on or off with your voice, mobile phone or an automation. It can be controlled through your existing WiFi network via the Click Smart+ app.

• Control manually, via the app or voice control
• Pairs directly with your WiFi


Smart Camera


Plug and play smart camera. Simply place or mount using the self adhesive pad included. Install micro SD card and record playback. When an object or person moves in the detection field the app sends an alarm and captures images in real time.

• 1080p resolution
• 7 metres night vision
• Microphone and speaker
• 114° (diagonal) field angle


Smart PIR Sensor


The PIR senses motion as you get up in the night and automatically turns on a lamp when automated with the Smart Sockets or Smart Switching Receiver on the Click Smart+ app.

• 7 metres detection distance
• CR 2450 battery supplied
• 170° detection angle


Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor


TNRCSP033 TNRWhenever the sensor identifies that your homes temperature or humidity is outside your defined zone of comfort, the heater, fan or other relevant device that is plugged into your smart socket with automatically activate. This ensures that your homes environment condition remains stable and comfortable.

• Temp -10°C – +50°C
• CR 2032 battery supplied


Smart Window / Door Sensor


Install the Sensor to a main or back door. Install a switching/dimming receiver to a light or switch and then set up automations on the Click Smart+ app. Your lights will turn on automatically to greet you when you are back home or going in the garden at night.

• Activate lighting or devices when triggered using the app
• CR 2032 battery supplied


Smart Switching Receivers & Dimming Receivers


Control your lights from wherever you are. You can install and control most lighting and appliances in your home. The receivers come supplied with a removable bracket. The bracket can be used to mount the receivers in a back box if installed directly behind the switch or at the light source. The bracket features a DIN rail clip, allowing the installer to directly install in the consumer unit.

• Utilises standard on/off switches


For more information on Scolmore products please contact your local TNR Branch.

Charge your EV with your PV!

zappimyenergi TNR


Zappi has 3 charging modes which makes it great for all homeowners. Those with grid-tied micro-generation systems like wind or solar can use the eco settings allowing users to save on energy bills. The charging current is automatically and continually adjusted in response to on-site generation and household power consumption. In Fast charge mode, zappi operates like an ordinary EV charging station.

• 3 charging modes: Eco, Eco + and Fast
• Optimises microgeneration self-consumption
• Works with solar PV or wind turbine systems
• Economy tariff sense input
• Programmable timer function
• Charge and event logging
• Pin-code lock function
• OLEV (home/work scheme) approved – HUB required
• Tap operated display backlight
• Built-in RCD protection
• Integral cable holster
• Remote control and monitoring add-on option
• Supplied with clip-on grid current sensor(s)
• Works alongside battery storage systemsZappi accessories TNR
• A future proof installation
• Indoor or outdoor mounting
• Graphical backlit LCD
• 6A to 32A (variable)
• 50Hz
• IP65 weatherproof
• 3 year warranty



ECO – Charge power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Charging will continue until the vehicle is fully charged, even if power is drawn from the grid.

ECO + – Charge power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Charging will pause if there is too much imported power, continuing only when there is surplus free power available.

FAST – The vehicle will be charged at maximum power. This is just like an ordinary Mode 3 charging point.


ZAPPI-207TB – EV Charge Point 7kW V2 Tethered Black
ZAPPI-207TW – EV Charge Point 7kW V2 Tethered White
ZAPPI-207UB – EV Charge Point 7kW V2 Untethered Black
ZAPPI-207UW – EV Charge Point 7kW V2 Untethered White


hub & app


The hub provides internet connectivity to your other myenergi devices making them smart. The hub and app work together to remotely control and monitor your products from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to carry out firmware updates to keep your products equipped with all the latest features.

• Remotely control and monitor on your mobile device
• Observe domestic live energy flow
• Change your zappi charging modes
• Remotely manually boost your eddi or zappi
• View consumption, generation and diverted energy data




An essential part of the installation process if you want to save time and money. It eliminates unsightly wiring around the home, preventing the need to lift up floors and disrupt home decor. It enables myenergi products to be installed without using a hardwired current transformer. It’s technology is the only one of its kind, harvesting it’s own power from the CT clamps, removing the need for batteries or an external power supply.

• Energy harvesting – no batteries or electrical wiring required
• Fast and accurate measurement
• Grid / Generation / Storage measurement configurable




Eddi is an eco smart energy management system, it diverts surplus power from solar PV or wind generation to a designated heating appliance (or two sequentially). This excess energy will go directly to a designated appliance such as an immersion heater. It allows you to stop exporting energy back to the grid and saves you money on your energy bill.

• Graphical back-lit LCD screen for ease of use
• Built-in programmable boost timers
• Energy savings data logging
• VariSine™ PWM technology



For more information on myenergi products or to reserve your stock, please contact your local TNR Branch.

We listen to our customers

At T.N. Robinson, we listen to our customers and understand your changing needs…


MoreStockBlogweb TNRWe’ve Added More Stock

There is now an increased stock range across all 11 of our regional branches.

With more of the very latest electrical products available from top brand manufacturers, our customers can walk away with everything they need.


New Branch Based Vans

Each branch has at least one delivery van, giving us the opportunity to deliver what you want, when you want it.


Deliver2Blogweb TNRSame Day Delivery from All Sites

We will, by arrangement, collect and deliver same day if an item’s not locally available.

Orders can be delivered to you same day throughout the North West of England and North Wales. We can also dispatch goods nationwide for next day delivery, whatever the product, where ever you want it.


Additional Branch Staff

We’ve recruited more staff to our branches so we can further support our customer’s needs.


New Catalogue

Our brand new handy, dashboard sized Product Guide is out now! With more products listed than ever before, it’s available from your local TNR branch today. You can order your free copy or download it here.


AngleseyBlogweb TNRNew Bulk Stores

We’ve added even more stock to our super-stocking branches in Anglesey, Ashton and Stockport.


This allows us to provide an even more extensive range of same day delivery options to our customers.



VideoBlogweb TNRNew Video

We recently made a new video outlining the above, check it out now by clicking on the picture on the right.


T.N. Robinson continues to offer exceptional customer service and the best deals on electrical goods.

Can Social Media help your business grow?

SocialMediaBlogweb TNRSocial media is a massive part of most of our lives, and with millions of people accessing it multiple times a day on their mobile devices, that’s not going to change any time soon!

So if you aren’t using it to promote your business, no matter how big or small, maybe it’s time you should. If you look at this way, if a potential customer in your area is using social media, then you should use it too.

You can increase your brand awareness and make it easier for customers to contact you, and stay in touch.

Posting regularly and connecting with your followers helps build a rapport and so in turn gains more loyalty from those customers.


It’s Free!

The great news about social media is that it’s free! On top of that, we can even help promote you!

Why? Well we love seeing some of the excellent jobs our customers do once they have left our counter, so once you’ve set up your business account, just follow our channels and tag us in a photograph or post and we’ll gladly share/retweet it with all of our followers. Showing off your work and extending your reach is great way to gain new followers and potential customers too. After all, sharing is caring!

There are pages that can help you set up your business accounts, just see the links at the bottom of this post.


Keeping it personal

If you’ve already got your own personal social media accounts and would like to keep it that way, then you can still follow us for the latest T.N. Robinson news, events and offers.

Like us, follow us, connect with us! However you do it, you can check out our social media channels here, (just click on an icon below):

Facebook TNRInstagram TNRLinkedIn TNRTwitter TNRYouTube TNR

Thanks for reading and we look forward to connecting with you soon!


Useful Links:


TNR Connect – ‘a great success’

TNRConnectpic2 TNROur very first TNR Connect was ‘a great success’ according to T.N. Robinson Managing Director, Chris Drake.

TNRConnectpic1 TNROver 200 Visitors

Held on Thursday 8th November at the new Menai Science Park in Anglesey, the event gave over 200 existing and potential customers the chance to meet the T.N. Robinson team and deal direct with suppliers such as Armeg, CK Tools, Click Scolmore, Flexicon, Hager, JCC, Kosnic, Luceco, Manrose, Marshall Tufflex, Rointe, Schneider, Trench, Unistrut and Wiska who were there demonstrating products and showcasing their newest innovations. MSP101 TNRTNRConnectpic3 TNR

18th Edition Seminar

Visitors also got the opportunity to take in an 18th Edition Wiring Regulations Seminar courtesy of Hager and pick up exclusive information on all the major changes. The Science Park was a hive of activity throughout the day and proved an excellent venue, as well as a fantastic looking space.

TNRConnect TNR

First Attempt

Chris Drake said: “It’s our first attempt at hosting an event such as this, and I’m delighted to say that TNR Connect was a great success.

We enjoyed seeing so many of our customers from the Anglesey, Mochdre, Pwllheli and Rhyl branches, whilst also getting the chance to build on the fantastic relationships with the local tradespeople, businesses and individuals of Anglesey. It was especially pleasing to see a busload of our Pwllhelli customers arriving midway through the day!”

Massive Thanks

Chris continued, “I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported TNR Connect, from some of the biggest manufacturers and brands in our industry to all the attendees of the event. I watched with interest as our customers gained insight on the 18th Edition regulations and I was really excited to see some of the new products on show. The feedback has been amazing so far, it sounds like people enjoyed it almost as much as I did!”

Brilliant Day

Mirain Morgan, T.N. Robinson Sales Representative, added “I had a brilliant day at our TNR Connect open day. I’m overwhelmed by the support from our customers, and of course, our suppliers! It was a great turnout! Diolch.”

TNR Connect!

We are deligTNRConnect TNRhted to announce the details of our very first TMSP101 TNRNR Connect event on Thursday 8th November.Hager18th TNR


It will take place at the amazing Menai Science Park (pictured) in Gaerwen, Anglesey, and give our North Wales customers the chance to meet the T.N. Robinson team and take advantage of some very special on the day offers and promotions.

Visitors to the event can gain some insight dealing direct with suppliers such as Armeg, BEG, CK Tools, Click Scolmore, Contactum, C-Tec, Flexicon, Hager, JCC, Kosnic, Luceco, Manrose, Marshall Tufflex, Rointe, Rolec, Schneider, Trench, Unistrut and Wiska who will all be there demonstrating products and showcasing their newest innovations.

Free Admission

The free event will also give visitors the opportunity to enjoy calibrations from only £3.60, lots of giveaways, and take part in competitions!

UPDATE: We’ve added two Hager 18th Edition Seminars to the schedule! Taking place at 10.30am and 1pm, why not join us for information on the new regulations and how they will affect your line of work?

Warm Welcome

Chris Drake, Managing Director of T.N. Robinson said: “With TNR Connect, we’re offering a warm welcome to tradespeople, businesses and individuals in the North Wales area. We’ve enjoyed meeting so many people since opening our branches in Anglesey, Mochdre, Rhyl and most recently Pwllheli, and we want to continue our aim of establishing good relationships with new customers, wherever we open a branch. The event is a great way for us to promote ourselves, and our vibrant industry in a fantastic new venue.”

Chris added: “We’ve lined up a broad selection of some of the biggest manufacturers and brands in our industry and I’m really excited to see some of the new products and deals on offer. We are proud of the reputation we have gained within our industry for providing exceptional customer service and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be there on the day to offer any advice, or answer any questions visitors may have.”

We hope to see you on the day!

For more information give your local branch a call.

To find out more about Menai Science Park visit the website here.

Branching Out!

HelloWales TNR

In 2017, T.N. Robinson Ltd announced an expansion into North Wales with the addition of branches in Anglesey, Mochdre and Rhyl. This January, we were delighted to open a new branch in the coastal town of Pwllheli! This exciting chapter in TNR’s 95-year history continues our recent growth, allowing us to enhance our service and keep on building our network to supply clients across the UK.

TNR in North Wales

Chris Drake, Managing Director of T.N. Robinson said: “We are proud of the reputation we have gained within our industry for providing exceptional customer service and the best deals on a broad selection of quality branded electrical products. We look to maintain this reputation, training our new staff to have extensive knowledge of every product we sell, enabling us to give our customers the very best advice, and prices, whether it’s over the counter or on the phone, every single day.”

With the opening of the new Pwllheli venture, added to our branches in Anglesey, Ashton, Brighouse, Chester, Crewe, Macclesfield, Mochdre, Rhyl, Rochdale, Stockport and Warrington, TNR now has 12 branches throughout the North of England and Wales, supported by our central distribution centre.

Serving our network of clients

The 44,000 square foot warehouse has a stock holding in excess of £1.5 million, encompassing over 25,000 individual product lines, it offers daily replenishment stock to the entire branch network and will pick, pack and dispatch customer orders for next day delivery. All of our branches are open 6 days a week to the trade and public.

Chris added: “The new Pwllheli branch is an exciting opportunity to strengthen our high level of service across the North Wales area and to allow us to strategically expand. We offer a warm welcome to our new customers, where we’ve made a number of friends already, continuing our aim of establishing good relationships with tradespeople, businesses and individuals in each area we open a branch.”

Full details of addresses and phone numbers of all of our branches can be found at branch finder page.

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