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Cable & Accessories

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Cable & Accessories

One cannot emphasise enough how important electrical cables and accessories are for electrical work. We fully understand how important these are for any electrical project at T.N. Robinson, which is why we stock an enormous range of quality cable and accessories. Our branches have everything for all domestic and commercial uses.

Cable types available include:

  • Twin and earth
  • Hi-Tuff cable
  • Flex cable
  • SWA cable
  • Bell & Speaker wire
  • Co-axial
  • Single PVC cable
  • Cat5e
  • Artic flex

This list is not exhaustive and we can supply almost anything within the cable and accessories category. You’ll only need to talk to our experienced specialists and they’ll guide you on the perfect fit for your specific project. We can help with sizes, lengths, resistance and conductance of any product, to ensure you get the right cables and accessories.

Great Service Since 1923

For almost a century, T.N. Robinson have been supplying quality electrical cables and other electrical products in Stockport, the North West of England and North Wales. We possess vast experience in electrical wholesale products. You can trust us to deliver the ideal cable that’ll suit you. Our knowledge of cable accessories is extensive and we can assist any modern electrician, with the most complex electrical project. Many homeowners and industries have relied on our cables and cable accessories to complete projects around their property. Our diverse knowledge of cable accessories is great, which is advantageous for our clients. Rest assured you’ll get exactly what you need.

Our branches have lots of cables, wires and cable accessories from thousands of brands. We guarantee that you’ll be able to find the perfect option for your project from our broad range. The numerous brands, sizes, lengths, and varying levels of thickness we have for our products, provides immense choice. You’ll never lack any product for replacement or new installation from our stock, be it a cable or cable accessory.

Our cable options and related accessories we stock at T.N. Robinson, comes with unmatched quality of performance and safety standards. All these are offered at the best prices. You’ll be surprised at how much the excellence of our products outweighs their cost. Our philosophy of quality products that offer more than the value of money, make us a leading supplier and wholesale distributors of cable wires and accessories.

Cables, Accessories & fitting electrical products

T.N. Robinson supplies every product in this category. Our understanding of the various parts of an electrical project, helps us provide ideal products.

Cable accessories and electrical products we offer in our branches in the UK include;

  • Cable lugs
  • Cable shields
  • Cable terminals and joints
  • Strain clamps
  • Suspension clamps

We have thousands of brands supplying our stock and it would be wrong to assume we don’t have what you’re looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact us for high-quality electrical products. We assure you that you’ll get the ideal product for your project, despite its size or complexity. Our leading electrical UK cable company, will ensure you have the best products to finish your electrical project.


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Cable installation accessories

Our selection of products be it cable installation accessories or wires, are of top quality. Thanks to our relationship with recognised electrical product brands, we always supply high-quality cables that’ll enable you to finish your project with ease.

Please consider talking to our friendly, passionate electrical specialists, who not only provide high-quality cable accessories & fittings, but also ensure you’re correctly advised. This way, we ensure your project is built with top quality cables and cable and accessories.

Contact us today to know the high-quality Cables and accessories we have on sale at T.N. Robinson.

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