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How to Fit a Shaver Socket

bathroon shaver socket TNR

The increasing popularity of bathroom products such as electric toothbrushes and the rise in male grooming products means that the bathroom socket is as vital as ever.

If you need to fit a shaver socket in your bathroom, the process is manageable, but needs to be done right so that it is safe, functional and looks the part.

It is a great advantage to understand how the entire process is done, so here’s a summary of the key steps:

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    Where to put shaver socket in bathroom

    The first step to take is to know the position of where the electricity supply and cables run through your home. This allows you to decide the exact place that your shaver socket/s will be positioned.

    Another important thing is to know how the shaver socket should be connected into the power mains; this information may also affect the position in your bathroom where the shaver socket is best located.

    The best place to fix the shaver socket is by a mirror or close to the sink. Using a pencil, you can inscribe a mark on your wall for the new socket, using a balance to ensure that the socket position is straight.

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    Cut the Socket Space

    The shaver socket should of course be inserted correctly. The first part of this is to cut the correct size hole in the wall, provided the position for the shaver socket has been marked. If the socket is being placed into plasterboard wall, it should be a simple cut.

    If the shaver socket will be on a stone or brick wall, you may need a more heavy-duty tool. The socket hole shouldn’t be unnecessarily large as you will have to fill it again at the later stage. The shaver socket should be secured into the wall by using screws with everything firmly in place.

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    Connect Your Wires

    The next step is to attach the wires. The trickiest aspect of the process is wiring the shaver socket up to the main power. Prior to commencing any work with the wiring, ensure to turn off the electricity supply at the power mains. From behind the shaver socket, you can route the wires through your walls and up to the mounting box. This is a key step for anyone fitting a shaver socket.

    When wiring, ensure to link the earth, neutral and live wires after connecting the wires in your shaver socket to their corresponding terminals. This is a vital part of the process, so if you need more information on this then ensure you check the wiring diagram carefully and follow the colour coding techniques.

    It’s always worth a check on this, as in some homes it is possible that the colour of your wires may be different from standard modern shaver sockets. Ensure that the shaver socket is sealed properly and that everything remains secured with waterproof sealant to prevent water from entering the electrical circuit, which is a particular risk in a bathroom environment. With a circuit tester, test the shaver socket to see if it is properly working. Check all of the connections to ensure that you are not experiencing any problem after installation.

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    Carry Out Safety Checks

    Finally, we share a further reminder to ensure that the safety of your work should be paramount at each part of the process. If possible, get the work checked by an accredited electrician.

    All safety processes should be applied throughout and the correct electrical items should be utilised in order to prevent electrical fires and other problems that can be caused by improper wiring.

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