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How to Get Maintenance Electrician Contracts

How to Get Maintenance Electrician Contracts High quality electrical maintenance revolves around the preservation and upkeep of systems and equipment that supply electricity to a commercial project, industrial site or residential building.

It may be carried out by an outside contractor or the manager or owner of the site. Depending on the age of the building, electrical maintenance is performed on a schedule.

Are you searching for effective tips on how to win maintenance electrician contracts? Read the points below to find some key areas to focus on.

Electrician Contracts – The Basics

Being a professional electrician, at its most basic, means that you have passed through an educational programme and become qualified for electrician jobs. A professional electrician will have a certification from a reliable association such as BBB to confirm their expertise and experience in the electrician jobs and field of operation.

On top of this, a good electrician should display consistent professionalism in the way they carry out their work, which involves the following:

Quality of Service

The primary areas of general electrical maintenance include lighting systems, generators, surge protectors and power outlets.

These supply sources are monitored for internal stability and structural integrity. The maintenance schedule includes the frequent replacement of incandescent and fluorescent lights.

As a qualified and professional electrician being aware of the latest and most efficient products can help you to get more contracts. For instance, you can refit lighting systems with energy saving elements and bulbs.

This will help to reduce energy costs for your clients, increasing the chances of them to hiring you for future projects.

Insurance Policy & License for Contract Electrician Jobs

Clients will want to hire electricians who have an insurance policy for their services. The insurance policy is a great way to protect your customer from any issues related to the work that could arise in the future.

When you are licensed and insured, clients can trust you, which is paramount  to getting more contracts for your services.

Providing Reports

Providing a comprehensive report on how the whole electrical installation and maintenance job will be done is a fast way to win the confidence of a customer. You can include specific details like item specifications in your comprehensive report before offering it to a customer. Clients have added peace of mind when they hear you speak in professional terms and showcase the right equipment and skills to handle the whole electrical installation work their project needs.

This will also help customers to feel confident recommending your services as a professional electrician to the other people. A logging and monitoring system provided to your clients is something that will add value to your maintenance service, proving that you can monitor their systems and help them to save money on repairs and energy costs remains an invaluable part of keeping them as clients.

Budget (Per hour or Per Contract)

Budget is of course a major factor to consider if you want to get more contracts as an electrician. If you can provide customers cost-effective services without compromising quality, there is every possibility to win the contract, at which point it will be down to the quality of your work to earn their trust and keep the contract.


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