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How to Replace a Circuit Breaker

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    Circuit breakers are designed to protect your wiring and interrupt the power to a circuit to prevent a dangerous overload of power. If you are looking for important tips on how to replace a circuit breaker, the steps in this article can help you with replacing a circuit breaker if it keeps tripping.


    How do I identify a problem with my circuit breaker?

    The first step to take is by determining if you definitely have a circuit breaker problem. One way to test your circuit breaker is to plug a radio into a nearby outlet. This way you’ll be able to hear if the circuit breaker cuts the power, as the audio will cut out. Set your radio at an audible level and go to your property’s electrical box. The panel box is often located in the utility room or the basement.

    If possible, you can turn off the main power. In most cases, you will discover that panel boxes often come with a primary off/on switch. To establish a reset, simply press your tripped circuit breaker toward “off” and then move it to “on”. When it immediately trips, it implies that you have a short somewhere in your circuit or that the breaker is simply bad.

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    How do I remove a faulty circuit breaker?

    Provided the problem has been confirmed, it is time to replace your circuit breaker. From a hardware store, simply buy a new circuit breaker. Ensure to remove the cover from the panel box. This is can be done by unscrewing the face plate. The two wires supplying your circuit breaker power should be carefully monitored. They are often located to the side of your circuit breaker. The position of the wires should also be properly noted to prevent any short circuit or burn.

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    replacing circuit breaker TNR

    How do I rewire a circuit breaker?

    The screw holding the white wire should be removed first. This helps get the wire out for easy replacement. On the end of the white wire, put a wire nut and bend it out of the way. The other screw should be loose and the same must be done for the coloured wire. At this point, get rid of the old circuit breaker for a new one. The wires should be placed in the same positions as you noted them placed in the old circuit breaker.

    The white wire should be placed second while the coloured remains the first. The screws holding the wires should be perfectly tightened to prevent any short circuit or burn. Replace the face plate, and if necessary, turn the power supplying the panel on. Finally, turn on your circuit breaker. The first thing to notice is the sound of your radio. If there is any trip again, you have not properly positioned the wires.

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    What safety precautions are needed for replacing a circuit breaker?

    Circuit breakers should be replaced with units of the equal amp. Remember that a circuit breaker is designed for safety. You may compromise the safety features if you make use of higher amperage. Using the comprehensive steps in this content will help you to replace your circuit breaker without any difficulties. If you notice any trip again after following the instructions given, then contact a professional electrician.

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