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How to Take Care of your Power Tools

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Proper power tool maintenance requires commitment and regularity. Continually ignoring small scrapes and build-ups of dirt will eventually lead to more costly damage. Keeping tools in good condition not only saves you time and money, but also prolong their service life.

Many people spend a lot of money every year buying new power tools for occasional jobs. This is not because “today’s tools just aren’t built to last”, as you’ll often hear claimed.

More often than not, their tools do not function properly because they’ve been kept in poor condition. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your power tools, so that they’ll look and function like new for years to come.

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    Remember When and How

    The times have changed; tools such as the circular saw have been used for years, but brands that are on the market today have undergone a lot of alterations since the very first models were created. Older circular saws came with a schedule that you only needed to follow when carrying out lubrication and greasing.

    However, the power tools of today don’t put into consideration the details that older ones had. Despite the limited information, your power tools need to be cleaned regularly. This will allow you to get a better finish and a lot more use from them.

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    Clean Contacts for Motors

    Power tools contain solid carbon graphite blocks which conduct electricity based on the spinning mortar armature. This friction slowly causes the brushes to wear. Failure to replace them results in the motor losing power over time. If you see small sparks flying out from inside the motor when using your tools then this is an indicator that it’s time to replace them.

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    Replace Worn out Brushes

    It is not difficult to replace worn out brushes if your power tool has brush covers. However, if your tool lacks a brush cover then the only option is to seek the services of a repair shop. Always replace both brushes even if you feel that one is still functional. This will prevent one brush from being used more than the other, and means that you won’t have to change them as frequently. Finally, if you are looking for brushes that last, then it’s wise to purchase them from the same brand as your power tool.

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    The Process of Replacing Brushes

    If the brushes on the tool become worn then the first thing to do is ensure the brush cover has no dust on it. Use a piece of cloth to brush it away, then use a screwdriver to unscrew it. To prevent the spring brush from popping loose, hold it down using your finger. Once it loosens, pull the brush and the spring.

    Remove any dust from the cap, then slid the new brush in and ensure that it fits perfectly. Finally, tighten it and test out your tool to ensure that it works.

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    Power Tool Care Checklist

    There are a few more essential rules that you should follow when using a tool. After every job, you should wipe off any dust and also use a piece of cloth to wipe the dust from the battery chargers. Always inspect the power cords and in the case of exposed wires replace the cracked or frayed cords.

    You should also ensure that the moving parts are in perfect shape and consider tightening any loose screws. Finally, for circular saws, test their blade breaks. Once you release the trigger the blade should stop.

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    The Value of Protecting Your Power Tools

    For those power tools which have manuals, you should always follow the included instructions for correct maintenance. This process requires some commitment and a little sacrifice.

    However, keeping all of your tools in good shape will help you to save time and money in the long run, and you won’t be required to change them as frequently.

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