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The Most Innovative New Electrical Tools on the Market

Power tools are getting smarter and faster. In an era of advanced technology, these new tools are being specifically designed to lessen the time taken to complete a task, while making your life a lot easier.

Here’s our take on some of the best and most innovative equipment that’s available on the market today. Whether you’re using these pieces of equipment for DIY tasks at home, or for more frequent use at work, they’ll help you to save on time, money and effort, while getting the job done quickly and effectively.


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    WORX WX550L Axis

    worx wx550l TNR
    If you’re struggling to decide between purchasing a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw, then the WORX WX550L Axis will make your life a whole lot easier. This combination tool is cordless and it transforms from a jigsaw into a reciprocating saw. We’ve seen compact reciprocating saws that pivot 90-degrees, but Worx have taken this concept to a whole new level by adding a proper footplate and a pivot.

    As well as this transformation, you’ll be able to use both standard reciprocating saw blades and common T-shank jigsaw blades with the saw. You won’t need to invest in a power tool to change the blades either, saving you even more time and effort when you’re on the job.

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    Bosch LED Floodlight with Bluetooth Control

    bosch led floodlight bluetooth control TNRThere’s nothing more distracting than poor lighting when you’re working. The Bosch LED Floodlight is both cordless and portable, making it effortless to carry around a jobsite. It’s a welcome improvement from hot Halogen lighting.

    The Bosch LED Floodlight can be controlled simply by a tap of your phone, as it features Bluetooth connectivity for remote operation. Users can use a corresponding app to manage various lights at once, and you can rest assured that it won’t use up a lot of battery power on your phone. The light has a runtime of 4-hours on high and 8-hours on low.

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    Quadsaw: The Square Hole-Cutter

    quadsaw square hole cutter TNRWhen cutting a square hole, its usually necessary to make four separate cuts for each side. With the Quadsaw, you’ll be able to cut all four of the holes at once, simply by placing a regular cordless drill in to an opening in the back of the tool. Its specifically designed to cut out square or rectangular holes in drywall, allowing you to insert electrical boxes for wall outlets. Imagine the time that this nifty little device could save you!

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    DeWalt DCB1800 Portable Power Station and Parallel Battery Charger

    dewalt portable power station TNRAlthough many power tools now have cordless replacements, there are still certain tools that are not cordless or may never be cordless. If you’re working in a location with no nearby outlet then this is going to be a problem.

    Instead of resorting to using a heavy and extremely noisy generator, DeWalt have created a portable power bank that allows you to charge up to four batteries at a time, or power any device that plugs in to a standard household wall outlet. You’ll be able to recharge batteries on your lunchbreak and use them while on the job or keep them at a later point.

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