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Tools & Miscellaneous

We supply a wide range of tools to make your life easier as well as many other items that will help you work more efficiently. We understand the working conditions that you face and know how important it is to have tools that work as hard as you do and make your job easier this, also applies to the miscellaneous items that you use on a regular basis. Both electricians and DIY homeowners will get great value from the tools and miscellaneous items that we supply.

At TNR you’ll find any tool that you can think of, from basic items through to advanced tools that ease your work load. Among the thousands of items listed in our catalogue, you’ll be spoiled for choice and you’ll be sure to find the right tool for the job. There are numerous options to meet your budge requirements, with tools and miscellaneous items that will help you work in a safer and smarter way. Whether you’re cutting thick cables on an industrial site or working on light duty domestic wiring, we’ve got you covered, with tools and many other items suited for any size installation.

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Our extensive range ensures that you’ll always have the correct tools to complete your job professionally. As with all our products, we look at our customers’ needs and supply items that will provide you with the very best in terms of durability, safety and value for money. After many years in the wholesale and distribution of electrical goods, we’ve found the brands that we can trust to provide a high level of both quality and value. This means that you can use our tools or any of the other miscellaneous products that we supply with complete confidence.

To help you decide which tools are the best for your needs, our staff are always ready to give advice on any of the products that we stock. They know a lot about the items in our catalogue and are highly knowledgeable about their uses and applications, so you can ask them for guidance at any time. We are dedicated to providing the best level of customer services at all branches throughout the North West of England and Wales, as well as on our website.

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Whether you’re a newly qualified electrician, an experienced professional or a homeowner working on your first project around your property, we can provide you with the highest quality tools and a comprehensive range of other items that will offer you the best value for money and dependability. Once you’ve been through our catalogue and found the right product for your needs, you’ll soon see how easy it is to place an order. You can also make the most of our great savings and next day delivery options.

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