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With the cost of living increasing and energy and fuel prices on the rise, we thought we’d take a quick look at a few ways you can save energy and money at home, in the workplace and even on the road.


1. Turn off the lights!

dimmerSensor 1 TNRAlways turn lights off when leaving a room. The typical household could save almost £20 a year just by doing something as simple as getting in the habit of switching off the lights as you leave the room. Be aware of how many lights you have on in a room. If you have the main light on, do you need the lamp on too?

In some settings it may be worth installing dimmer switches or motion/occupancy sensors to save costs. Modern light dimmers save you energy, and they also extend the life of your light bulbs. Motion sensors work by turning the lights off when they no longer sense anyone in the room, protecting against energy loss from leaving lights on when no one is using them.

Dimmer switches, motion sensors and timer switches are available from your local TNR branch.

2. Switch to LED Lighting

LEDLamps TNRSwitching your building’s lighting to LEDs is a quick, easy and a low-cost win to reduce your electricity costs and switching has the potential to reduce your lighting costs by as much as 90%.

According to Energy Saving Trust you can save £2-3 per year for every traditional halogen bulb you switch to a similarly bright LED bulb. Replacing a 50W halogen with an LED equivalent could cut your energy costs by £75 over the lifetime of the bulb, not including the cost of replacing the halogen bulbs you would have used. Energy-efficient lighting helps lower electricity bills and carbon dioxide emissions, all without reducing the quality of light in our homes.

Each of our branches stock a superb range of LED lamps and tubes for every application.

3. Set your room thermostat

Did you know that heating and hot water accounts for over half of what you spend on your energy bills?

A room thermostat prevents your heating system from using more fuel than it needs to. It will turn the heating on until the room reaches the temperature you have set and then off until the temperature drops below your programmed temperature.

The thermostat should be set to the lowest comfortable temperature, typically between 18°C and 21°C. You don’t need to turn your room thermostat up when it is colder outside; the house will heat up to the set temperature whatever the weather, however it may take a little longer on colder days. Turning up your room thermostat doesn’t make your home heat any faster.

Setting your thermostat just 1°C lower could result in a saving up to £80 a year on your heating costs!

Speak to your local TNR branch about our range of thermostats.


4. Replace old heaters and bathroom radiators

RointeStack TNRWhether it’s heating options for your home, office or hotel, Rointe provide technologically advanced, energy efficient electric heating systems that create comfortable properties without excessive consumption or unnecessary costs.

Replacing your old, outdated storage heaters with new, stylish and energy efficient electric radiators with technology such as Wi-Fi control and smart energy software will lower your energy bills and reduce the impact on the environment.

Rointe Smart Heating is available from your local TNR branch, take control of your heating, anytime, anywhere.

5. Go electric!

Zappi accessories TNRElectric Vehicles (EVs) are an increasingly attractive option, due to the expanding choice of models available and intensifying concerns about air quality and climate change. While the initial upfront purchase price can be higher, this is usually offset by benefits such as lower running costs, free parking, no congestion charge and an increased resale value.

If you’ve already got an EV it’s also worth noting that the cost of using public chargers has recently increased, making it much more expensive to charge your car in public, compared to using your own personal charger at home. Installing a Zappi (Britain’s best-selling eco-smart electric vehicle charging device) could save you hundreds in the long run.

Click here for more information on the zappi and the myenergi range of accessories


Free Energy Surveys

TNR Bulb question mark TNRIf you’d like some further advice, you may benefit from big savings on your energy consumption with one of our free energy surveys.

We pinpoint where savings are available. We assess your energy usage based on your currently installed products and use further site information such as room sizes, required lux or heat levels, hours of usage etc. to design an appropriate scheme and to offer simple to understand payback calculations.

Efficient technologies consume less energy and often result in a more comfortable working/learning environment, as well as lower energy bills, and can reduce both short and long term maintenance over the lifetime of the product.

  • Improve business finances
  • Save money and prolong life of appliances
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills


Take the first step to saving money and call your local branch today! 

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